‘Steel flyover Beda’ gathers steam amidst opposition.

In the aftermath of thousands of Bengaluru’s citizens protesting against the steel flyover planned by the BDA (Bangalore Development Authority), a few hundred citizens turned up at a rally organized in favor of the flyover. While the city remains divided on options over the steel flyover, the flyover seems to have hit a spot of bother, this time with the Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority.
Extension of the steel flyover violates buffer zone norms of hebbal Lake, says Karnataka Lake conservation and development authority.
The authority on lakes in the state said that it is mandatory for the BDA to take permission from them before commencing work on extending the flyover.
“if the steel flyover is extended without seeking our permission, we will file a criminal case against the BDA commissioner” said a senior KLCDA official.
Since hebbal Lake is larger than 200 hectares, around 50 meters of buffer space should be maintained as a no development zone, according to KLCDA, National green tribunal and the State high court.
The group which had organized the Human Chain protests, Citizens for Bengaluru also conducted a ballot box campaign which saw 41,848 vote against the construction of the steel flyover. Even after facing opposition from thousands of people, the Government and BDA remain unfazed, as they have officially handed over the work order to the contractors – L&T, and work on the flyover is expected to begin in the first week of November.

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