Track and field meeting begins even as Usain Bolt parties non-stop in London

The first major track and field games meeting since the summer Olympic games held in Rio De Janeiro is all set to happen in Switzerland, and around 30 Olympic medalists, including nine champions are headed for the meeting. The biggest name in the business though, will be missing, as Usain Bolt is busy partying everyday in London.
Bolt has now become a star in the entertainment news section as he is being photographed by paparazzi every day, at nightclubs in London with different women, partying away to glory, after winning 3 gold medals at the recently concluded Olympic games at Rio.
The absence of Usain Bolt from the track and field meet has put fellow Jamaican sprinters, Elaine Thompson and Omar McLeod under the spotlight, who are gold medalists themselves.
The meet is to take place at the stadium in Lausanne, the home city of International Olympic Committee. The director of the meet, Jacky Delapierre was quoted as saying, “we have to be prepared for the future without Bolt, we are at the end of a cycle now.”
Delapierre though has not given up on Bolt completely, and is in talks to bring the sprinter back to Lausanne next year, which would probably be the last time he would run at an event of this scale.
The refreshing of track and field related headlines seems to be the top priority for the directors of the meet, focusing on newer athletes in the sport. ‘Athletics has a good future besides Bolt’, said Delapierre who has worked in major track related events for nearly 40 years.

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