Technology set to take over the most basic survival instinct of cooking

3D printers have been taking the world by storm for quite some time now and have been used to ‘print’ products which was thought to be impossible before. Scientists and developers have been able to print objects, both extremely large and intricately small, ranging from aerospace components to parts of the human body. 3D printers seem all set to revolutionise the way humans manufacture and use things.


Now, in a recent development, Scientists in New York have developed a prototype 3D Food Printer which can ‘cook’ the most delicious dinner for us using Computer Aided Design software. The printer is a result of a design project headed by Hod Lipson, a roboticist working in the areas of artificial intelligence and digital manufacturing at the Colombia University based in New York. Hod and his students created the working prototype as a project which is not meant to replace conventional cooking.

The space research organisation, NASA had expressed interest in such a device when the idea first came through in 2013 as equipment such as this would be very useful in outer space to provide nutritional food. Since then, there have been a lot of developments in the same field and has led to this, smart looking prototype being created in New York.


There are consumer ready food printers such as ‘Foodini’ already on sale in international markets. These printers use frozen protein cartridges in order to create food. Hod and his students are working on incorporating an infrared heating arm into the printer so that the frozen food can be heated and cooked.

The Industrial revolution in the last century was created by mass production and it definitely looks like we are on the verge of another industrial revolution which will be created by 3D printers.

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