Pokemon Go added as a Credit Course at the University of Idaho

The Mobile Phone based Reality Game Pokemon Go has been quite literally taking the world by storm for a while now. It first became the most downloaded app from the android play store, then was criticised by many because of the kind of incidents being cause by players who were not cautious in their approach to playing the game, and just last week, it was the cause for a kid to land in police custody. Now, in latest news, the University of Idaho has made news because it added Pokemon Go to its list of credit courses.

Students of the University of Idaho who have opted for the ‘Pop Culture Games’ class can now earn credits by playing this game during the physical activity sessions of the class which aims to teach students about leading active lifestyles, improving teamwork and exploring their communities more often.

Many have Criticised the game, and some even went on to say that it is a Spying tool which is being used by the CIA, but I feel it is a really nice and Innovative way to get the students to go out there and explore their surroundings more. Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality game based on the Pokemon Animated TV series which was really popular a decade ago. The reason for the game to be so popular among the Young adults today, is because Pokemon was a huge part of their Childhood, which was a decade ago.

maxresdefault (1)

The biggest problem faced by the Young Generation of today is the addiction to technology which makes them stick to one place, but this move by the University of Idaho would help the youngsters stay fit and active even when they are using technology. Pokemon Go is making people go out and explore more, in some cases, it might be their very own street that the players need to explore. Alongside Pokemon Go, the university has added another Live Game called Humans versus Zombies to their credit courses list.

Thought these games are criticised heavily, there is no hiding from the fact that games like these help today’s generation to be more Physically and Socially active.

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