Brazilian Football Team hopeful of clinching their first ever Gold Medal at Rio 

​The Brazilian football team is known very well for their great player line up and also for their world Cup tournaments. However they have just one missing jewel in its crown, and that is exactly what they are after at the Rio Olympics next month. 

The Brazilian football team have so far won atleast one cup or gold medal in all the international football tournaments except a gold medal in the Olympics. The Brazilian football team has so far won three silver medals and two bronze medals in the Olympics and it is that elusive gold medal that they will be going after at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, their home country. Only time can tell if, playing in their home country would change their luck. 

They have other issues to worry about for now, as the Olympics format requires them to play with an U-23 team and is allowed a maximum of three over-aged players in their ranks. 

Superstar striker, Neymar has chosen to play in the Olympics game rather than the Copa America tournament and will be leading the team as their captain. 

The pressure is mounting on Brazil, particularly when they lost 7-1 to Germany in the World Cup semi finals just two years ago. 

Goalkeeper Fernando prass was quoted as saying, “The yellow shirt carries a weight but it also puts pressure on the opposition. We have to accentuate the positive” which goes to show how hopeful they really are about the Olympic Gold Medal this time. 

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