India Hits back at Pakistan on Kashmir provocation

Indian and Pakistani government officials once again were engaged in an argument on Thursday, 21st July. This comes in after Pakistan observed ‘Kashmir Accession to Pakistan day’ on the 19th and ‘Black Day’ on 20th, to mark the killing of Hizbul Commander Burhan Wani in Kashmir.

The Indian Government asked Pakistan to stop supporting violence and terrorism in Indian territory, while on the other hand, Sartaj Aziz, Advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan on foreign affairs had earlier said that India was perpetrating state sponsored terrorism in Kashmir. He further went on to add that they would ask the UN to launch an investigation into the matter.

Ironically, the events held in Pakistan to mark the black day were led by UN designated terrorists in Pakistan, and the Indian government used this exact point in its defense. The Indian and Pakistani governments could go on and on, arguing about this, but what we need to realize is that these arguments would not change the situation in the state of Kashmir and the government has to take strict measures in order t curb the violence happening in the area.

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