Non-Congress Opposition spells trouble for GST bill; Parliamentary Discussion to happen today.

The GST bill seems to be in trouble even before the monsoon parliamentary session begins today.

The bill which was first put before the parliament when the congress government was in power, was Initially rejected by the BJP which was in the opposition, and ironically, it is now the BJP Government which is pushing for the bill to be passed in the parliament. The GST bill seeks to reform Taxation laws in the country and would also negate the differences in the taxation laws between the state Governments, which had created turmoil between the state governments and the central government, especially the states with more revenue.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi issued a statement over the same, saying, “GST bill is of National Importance” and went on to urge all the parties to uphold national interest above all else. The GST bill is one among the 16 bills that are to be discussed in the parliament today, and the BJP Government is quite vocal about hopes of having a peaceful and fruitful discussion between the parties.

Co-operation between the parties however, went for a toss even before the Parliament session began, as the Non-Congress opposition parties expressed dissent with the BJP Government discussing the bill only with the Congress party and ignoring the other minority parties.

The Non-Congress opposition has called for an all-party meeting to deliberate on issues, and they have also further stressed on the fact that such a meeting has not taken place in the last two years.

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